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Many people depend on their tech devices for everyday work and play. When a phone is cracked, laptop is not charging, or pc is slow, it can make life difficult. Chances are we've all gone through it at some point or another -- we lose our grip on our phone and watch it tumble into a sink full of water or a toilet, crack the screen on the pavement or tile floor, or a variety of other kinds of damage. Our goal is to make you one of our many happy customers by repairing your device quickly for a fair price.

Computer Repair

Does your computer not seem to run as well as it did when it was new? Phone Clinic can determine if this is caused by dust and aging parts (such as a worn-out cooling fan) or if it is caused by unnecessary or even malicious software lodged on your hard disk. When something goes wrong with your computer, have our specialists do a free diagnostic of your machine first! It is possible that a simple low-cost repair is all that is necessary, not a complete replacement of your computer.

Phone&Tablet Repair

Due to the fragile nature of the tablets and phones, cracked screens and damaged ports can happen at any time. Damaged screens, USB ports, earphone port, charger ports and a lot more. We provide fixes for any type of device.

Free PC Health Check

Memory tests, hard drive tests and CPU tests, combined with stress testing and burning testing ensure thoroughly tested, dependable computers. Comprehensive system information and test reports. All of that for free.

Tech For Sale

Whether your looking for an entry-level smartphone or a fully featured flagship model of gaming laptop, all our devices are fully inspected, tested and guaranteed by Phone Clinic

We Provide Best Service

Here at Phone Clinic we aim to provide old school service with a personal touch. From building custom machines packed with cutting edge tech for creative professionals, content creators, and gamers, to repairs of PCs used for industrial and scientific use or just grandma’s old desktop PC, no job is too complex or too humble for us to tackle. In additional to hardware, we also are experienced with software troubleshooting and have helped clients make the migration to cloud services like Office 365, and we can assist with website, domain and MX record migrations. Whether you are a small business looking for reliable, personable support, or an individual who just spilled beer on your laptop or phone, we can help.

You Come First

Whether you like to play games, take selfies, or just need to get work done, we fix and reunite you with your device. We put our customers first, always.

Free Diagnostics

Every device repair starts with a free diagnostic exam, to find the root of the problem and allow the technician to determine the right repair path. Diagnostic exams are especially helpful if the problem with the device is unclear.

We're Here for You

You, the Customer, are the most important aspect of our business at Phone Clinic. From our friendly, well-trained staff to a dedicated Customer Consultant Team, rest assured your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Low Price Guarantee

How do you know that you are always getting the best price for your repair services? Because Phone Clinic offers a Low Price Guarantee on all local competitors’ regular advertised pricing.

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